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At the moment my home controle server is: Offline

Home Control

Home control project


For over a year i'm really busy putting together my own Domotica system, check it out at http://neomess.nl




Soon I will begin with converting one of my rooms into a walk-in-closet, photo's will follow as soon as i start.

See my Pinterest page for an impression of what i want.

Wamp server


This week im working on setting up my own server.

The computer is a Intel motherboard with integrated graphics and cpu, this will reduce the power needed.

On this computer I installed WAMP Server (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) that host a website to controle the Domotica that i will install in my house.

Livingroom table upgrade


This weekend i upgraded my living room table, so that it now gives light. To do this i fitted 10 LED strips to the bottom of the table.

Next project: Connect the separate LED strips in my home to a CM15Pro (or similar) interface, so it can all be controled by my Logitech Harmony 895 remote control.

Computer Desk


Because i do a lot of work on my computer, me and my father made me a very large and comfortable computer desk. In the passing years i've done some adjustments to the desk to make it even more comfortable, but the basic desk is still the same.

The desk has 5 meters of LED strips that can be controled by a RGB (Red Green blue) controller on the front of the desk, the computer monitors are mounted to a Newstar TFT Toolbar.

New website


I'm still working on it, but the new website is beginning to take shape. On this new website I will write about al the projects I'm involved in.

The type of projects that you can expect here are:

Website projects


To pay for all the projects in my house (and the house itself) I have a part time job at a webdesign company. The rest of the week I do some webdesigning for myself.

I hope to get my portfolio online as soon as possible.


France - Paris


Small escape from daily life, 3 day vacation to Paris

Russia - Moscow


Another fast weekend in Moscow to visit my girlfriend.

Russia - Moscow


A fast weekend in Moscow to visit my girlfriend.

Russia - St. Petersburg / Moscow


Both st. Peterburg and Moscow are beautifull cities, its a shame it takes a visum that will cost u about 100 euro's to get into Russia.

It was all worth it because I finally saw my girlfriend again who lives in Moscow. (allso very good to have such a good tourguide) ;)

I would really encourage everybody to take a look in these lovely cities and see for yourself.

Berlin - New Years Eve


Together with a bunch of friends we went to Berlin to have a great New Years party

Italy/Croatia - Venice/Pula/Porec/Rovinj


Together with a friend we had a roadtrip from holland to Italy, then Croatia (because the weather in Italy was not perfect) and then back to Holland again.

Indonesia - Java/Bali


For my work i had to go to Java to meet some of my collegues from our office in Banyuwangi, and while i was there i decided to stay an extra week and have a nice holiday in Sanur (Bali).

Austria - Gerlos - Ski vacation


Very nice Ski vacation with a number of friends.

America/Mexico - West Coast roadtrip


3.5 week road trip together with 2 friends and my little brother, a vacation to remember!

Venezuela - Isla Margerita


in 2008 i decided to go to Isla Margerita together with 2 friends, had a very nice vacation and also got my divers license on this trip.

Spain - Barcelona/Cap d'Agde


Culture, nice weather, alcohol, the beach and girls, what more can a guy ask for...

Croatia - Pag


My first trip to Croatia, this time with a number of friends we went to the Island of Pag, good times.




Its currently  not possible to contact me by contact form, for now just contact me on info [at] myprojects [dot] nl